Our aim

W as in WHY has grown to become a trusted platform to visit and purchase unique, hand crafted products that will propel and instigate creativity.  And we are proud to be partnering with the established London art gallery, THE LAST SUPPER as well the hip London based stationery shop, Lead TIN.   Through these collaborations we have been able to expand our network of hand selected makers and products.  And, we take great satisfaction in supporting these emerging and established artists, designers and makers.  Curating a diverse selection of sustainable objects for our modern lifestyles.

We strive to build personal and lasting relationships with our artists, makers AND customers, alike.  

Our story

W as in WHY had been incubating as an idea for many, many years, but it wasn't until living in Switzerland that Architect, artist and entrepreneur, Andrew Wenrick,  cemented his resolve around the idea of creating a platform for all things DESIGN.  A curated outlet that would aim to showcase the thoughtful and thought provoking objects from creative thinkers and makers.

Built on a foundation of many years of working by lamp light in the wee hours of the night.  Living each day to do and make something by hand.  Tactile.  Real.  The hours of toil and belief fostered endless amounts of satisfaction and eventually grew into a sustainable way of living.  And now it's our time to support those that we believe in.  Those that are making our environments a better place.

And how did we come up with the name, W as in WHY?  It's essentially a story of the modern military alphabet gone awry.  To avoid confusion that spelling the alphabet is designed to overcome, the American, that won't be named, sounds out her surname to be understood by a Swiss person as they exchange a voice message by telephone.  The first letter is ‘W’ and so it goes, that’s ‘W’ as in ‘Why…..’